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Agonda Beach Goa, India
Agonda Beach Goa, Goa Beach India

If you are looking ahead to spending some time just by yourself away from the main town then strike the Agonda beach. The Agonda beach is nearly twelve kilometres from Palolem and is dotted by palm trees. The Agonda beach rambles over a extent of three kilometres of golden sand and it is a haven for the loners. Till about a few decades back it remained largely unnoticed by tourists. The Agonda beach remains forlorn for most part of the day and is occasionally frequented by day picnickers. The waters are crystal clear and it's very easy to glimpse the base of the seashore while swimming.
Watch out for the pointed barnacles if you decide to ascend any of the rocks there. Its effectively abandoned environment is ideal for honeymooners looking for solitary bliss. The Agonda beach is famous amongst those who habitually carve for solitude. This sandy seashore is well renowned for dolphin dotting and travelling water scooters. Agonda beach is the next sandy seashore after the Palolem sandy seashore but it is the distance from the main city that makes it lonely. However, this sandy seashore is not suitable for a couple to bathe too far..