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Bogmalo Beach Goa, India
Bogmalo Beach Goa, Goa Beach India

Bogmalo beach lies at a distance of roughly 8km from Vasco-da- Gama town. Its proximity to Goa's airport makes it a popular destination amongst international tourists. The fact that the beach is still untouched by the forces of globalization goes in its favour. The Bogmalo sandy seashore was initially a small fishing village but it has now transformed itself into an important tourist destination. Bogmalo is a serene and quiet beach. You will be able to enjoy some exciting paragliding in Bogmalo beach. Bogmalo is just four km from the airport. This sandy seashore is clean and not congested and is good for swimmers. In Bogmalo you will find numerous locations to eat, drink and shop, and savour some delectable seafood.
Another interesting aspect of Bogmalo is diving. Recently, in Bogmalo, a diving school has also been opened for teaching diving techniques to adventure enthusiasts. The Naval Aviation Museum is another important destination of Bogmalo. The museum gives visitors data about the India Navy; it exhibits diverse tools that have been used for fighting like artilleries and other pieces of arms and ammunition used by the Navy. One can find all types of accommodation in Bogmalo ranging from low budget guest houses to star class hotels. The renowned Oberoi five star hotel is another feather in the cap of the Bogmalo Beach and adds to its charm. The interesting aspect of the hotel being that one can find small little islands, ship wrecks and plenty of small eating joints housed in beach shacks.