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Calangute Beach Goa, India
Calangute Beach Goa, Goa Beach India

This Calangute sandy seashore is established couple of miles away from the capital Panjim. The 4 miles long Calangute sandy seashore is famous for it delicious seafood and is enclosed with palm trees.Calangute is famous as the premier party zone in Goa. Beach parties, trance parties, new year parties that define Goa's socio-cultural scene are frequently held here.
The semi-circle shaped Calangute beach is dotted with coconut trees and is quite serene and picturesque. The rushing waves of the Arabian Sea make it quite an interesting place for those seeking fun and adventure in a distant land. One of the drawbacks of the Calangute beach is the dangerous under currents that flow during bad weather. These under currents are akin to a high tide and can be thrilling for some and intimidating for others. The Kerkar Art Complex, is the repository of the localized Goan Art and home wares with local music and dance events being held in Calangute at regular intervals. St. Alex Church of Calangute is the other significant location of this place. The place of adoration has two towers and a magnificent dome gracing the facade..