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Candolim Beach Goa, India
Candolim Beach Goa, Goa Beach India

Candolim is the birth site of Abbe Faria, a Goan Freedom Fighter and the Father of Hypnotism. This beach is situated in the north of Goa and is the perfect holiday destination for those hoping to spend their time resting and rejuvenating. This beach is near to the Aguada beach and is best known for some exotic Goan food. Candolim beach is stretched upward to seven kilometres, beginning from Aguada and ends at Chapora beach. In this beach sunbathing and swimming is possible. Best time to visit the Candolim beach is from December to February.
If you choose to stay at the Candolim beach, the best option is to reserve any of the rent-back apartments, located a stone throw away from the beach. If there is no shelter available, you can rent a beach umbrella, sample the mouth-watering Goan cuisine and get some exotic sun tan. It's not very crowded but still gets some discerning tourists from all over the globe.Sitting on the Candolim beach; one can spend a lot of time thinking about the future. One gets a unique opportunity to clear one's mind of all needless thoughts and decide on a clear cut course of action.The beach also gives you the sight of fisherman returning from their daily grab in the backdrop of memorable sunsets. Besides tranquillity and peace of mind, Goa offers you facilities to indulge in sports activities. The resort also provides opportunities for snorkelling, fishing and diving. Special boats are available here for helping you in these daring sports activities.