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Goa Culture, Goa Traditions

Goa's social scene is very easy going and relaxed. You won't find persons battling or contending over small matters or dress codes. Everyone is free to pursue the kind of way of life they desire to, unlike the rest of India where custom and conservatism is an inseparable part of one's life. The persons of Goa have the essence of melodies in their culture. In fact, music in their veins and right from childhood Goon's are exposed to a wide variety of music. Not just Indian, they take delight in Western melodies and hear to the likes of trance, western classic melodies, techno, swing, blues, etc.
They have a diverse flavour and alternative when it arrives to western music. Most Goans have melodies in their veins and understand how to play a couple of instruments. You can find numerous Goans shattering into a peppy recital on a warm after noon without any specific reason. Most of the melodies that they create have the usual Portugal melody and style. Due to the Portuguese rule in Goa for more than 450 years, one can find shades of Portuguese music in most Goan composition. In fact, quite a few Goan musicians have made a name for themselves on the strength of their compositions.
Goa Culture
Due to the Portugal rule, numerous persons altered to Christianity at that time. Yet, they did not overlook their Indian origins and Goa is one location where you will find persons celebrating Diwali and Easter with identical zest and passion. Known as the Golden Goa to the Portuguese, this beautiful state is the flawless demonstration of the east gathering the west. There are fewer constraints on women and they can be glimpsed as confident human beings persons who will live life on their terms. The harmonious blend of Portuguese and Indian cultures has made Goa exclusive in its own way.