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Goa Festivals, India
Goa Festivls, Goa Traditions

Goa has a wealthy heritage and being a part of India itself means having a kaleidoscope of festivals. This little sate of India was under the Portugal , Mughal rule and furthermore has a custom of its own. This has produced an exclusive heritage amalgamation, which is apparent from the carnivals it celebrates. People in Goa are exceedingly tolerant of distinct beliefs and esteem distinct devout faiths. Goa celebrates not only Hindu, Muslim and Christian carnivals, but furthermore carnivals that are exclusive to Goa. Some of these carnivals are usual of Goa and can be as Goan festivals. Check out our associated parts to have a concept about the foremost carnivals of Goa. Goa's Christian festivals
The Portugal rule in Goa left a deep and ever lasting Christian leverage in this state of India. At that time, persons were altered to Christians on a large scale. Though they pursue the Christian practices and accept as factual in the Christian belief, but they have not disregarded their roots.
Goa Hindu Festivals
Hinduism is the pre-dominant belief in Goa. Though the long years of Portugal have left the Christian leverage on Goa, yet Goa has not disregarded its origins and greatest persons pursue Hinduism. Thus Hindu carnivals in Goa are commemorated with large zeal and enthusiasm.
Goa Muslim Festivals
Goa does not rather have a sizeable Muslim community and it ranks after Hindus and Christians. Though there are not numerous Muslim carnivals in Goa, the major ones are commemorated with much delight and enthusiasm. The two major Muslim carnivals that are commemorated in Goa are Id-ul-Fitr and Id-ul-Zuha.