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VR Group offers you a memorable stay in Goa which is known for its remarkable facilities and services.

Cuisine in Goa Goa Cuisine, India If you are a confirmed foodie, then Goa is a place that will truly tickle your taste buds. The diverse culture of the state can be sampled with Goan dishes... View Detail Enquire Now
Ashok Country Resort Culture Goa Goa's social scene is very easy going and relaxed. You won't find persons battling or contending over small matters or dress codes. Everyone... View Detail Enquire Now
goa dances Goa Festivals Goa has a wealthy heritage and being a part of India itself means having a kaleidoscope of festivals. This little sate of India was under the Portugal... View Detail Enquire Now
Goa HoneymoonGoa Honeymoon In my outlook, there is no better location than the sandy seashore paradise of Goa to have a blissful honeymoon and know-how the fantastic heights of ecstacy. View Detail Enquire Now
goa night life Nightlife in Goa Goa is one of the hottest tourist destinations in India. What makes its so vibrant is its nightlife. A state that believes in partying for nearly every...z` View Detail Enquire Now
Waterfalls in GoaWaterfalls in Goa On the eastern border with Karnataka are Goa's the mostSSSSS impressive waterfalls. Measuring a mighty 600m from head to foot, the famous waterfalls... View Detail Enqui re Now