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Goa Travel Tips

* Opt for traveller's cheques, instead of carrying large amounts of currency. Traveller's cheques are gladly exchangeable in most locations.
* While travelling, do not accept nourishment or beverages from strangers. They might be a ploy to steal you of your valuables.
* Keep all your significant articles and valuables in the deposit carton of your hotel.
* Never depart with your luggage unattended.
* Before taking to the oceans for a bathe or bathing tub, do confirm about the existence of lifeguards dispatched on the beach.
* Travel in groups instead of travelling alone.
* Don't forget to convey some sunscreen lotion and essential medicines while you are travelling in Goa. In case of nasty sunburn, visit the closest clinic and get yourself treated.
* Check for hygiene and cleanliness while consuming food in roadside restaurants. Opt for pure mineral water while consuming food in restaurants.
* Do not roam round barefoot as it might give you fungal and parasitic infection. If you do, ensure that you clean your feet methodically with clean water and lather and dry them quickly.
* Always assert for sterilized and disposable syringes in case you are in need of health help.
* Carry not less than one container of mineral water while travelling since it can get actually warm throughout the noon.
* Keep refreshing yourself by consuming water. In case you desire to have juice extracts. Always hold a persona business card handy; citing your title, age, body-fluid assembly, other applicable details and contact numbers for use in case of emergency.
* If travelling by the train, tie your luggage to the berth with a string of to save it from theft. Do not accept any nourishment piece from outsiders in the train/bus.
* Keep your cash, passport-visa and other journey articles in a Money Belt attached to your waist.
* Never proceed for cash exchange through personal dealers, instead; favour banks or government/authentic institutions.